Eye Drop Mix-Ups


Six Tips To Avoid Eye Drop Mix-Ups

  1. Keep them apart. Do not store eye drops with any other drop bottles (like ear drops, superglue, or your pet’s medication drops).
  2. Keep them in their boxes. Leave your eye drops and ear drops in their original boxes. There are often pictures of an ear or eye on the boxes, but not on the bottles.
  3. Know your eyedrop names and cap colors. Learn the name and cap color of your medications so you take them correctly. If you can’t see your eyedrop bottles clearly enough to tell them apart, tell your doctor.
  4. Check your medicine—out loud. Read the dropper label out loud to help avoid mistakes.
  5. Take eye and ear drops at different times. This can help reduce the risk of mixing them up as you put them in your eyes/ears.
  6. Throw away leftover drops. Get rid of any leftover drops once you are through using them. The fewer the bottles, the fewer to get mixed up.

Source: American Academy of Ophthalmology, EyeSmart
Written By: Kierstan Boyd
Reviewed By: Thomas L Steinemann MD
Jul. 31, 2019