Patient Testimonials

Here at Green Apple, we’re all about your eyes. Whatever your optical needs are, we are passionate about meeting them. Our list of satisfied patients in Appleton, Green Bay and North East Wisconsin get bigger everyday. Here is what some of our patients have had to say about the care they have received at Green Apple.

“I posted on Facebook asking for recommendations and Dr. Memmen came highly recommended over others. [During the process] I felt at ease, and after being misdiagnosed for 3 weeks and losing my vision I was scared. I was correctly diagnosed at Green Apple after being misdiagnosed and gained my sight back. Throughout the whole process, I was treated with respect.

I am so grateful for the knowledge and compassion provided at this clinic and would recommend Green Apple Eye Care to friends and family.”

– Chrissy Shields (Iritis patient)

“Dr. Memmen explained my cataract condition well. He had been following the development of my cataract condition and knew it well. I also talked with some of Dr. Memmen’s patients who had previously had cataract surgery and they all highly recommended him.

Dr. Memmen educated me about the procedure with video and written materials and carefully explained the procedure, responding to any questions I had. The surgery on both eyes went very smoothly. The staff carefully explained the preoperative procedures as they proceeded with them. Dr. Memmen’s staff worked very efficiently in surgery and I experienced very little pain.

Both eyes are healing well and my vision has been restored to the point that I can drive and carry out normal daily activity.

I am happy to recommend Dr. Memmen and his staff to family and friends because they have provided me with competent, effective and efficient treatment of my eye conditions. He and his staff were immediately available through all surgery on both eyes. As a patient in his Appleton office, I received fast, efficient responses to my medical needs.”

– John T. Curtis (Cataract removal patient in Appleton, WI)

“I was undergoing chemo treatment for breast cancer and developed an allergic reaction, which brought on side-angle glaucoma. I was going through excruciating pain and the doctors began treating me for migraines. Dr. Memmen (unknown to me at this time) came in and said, ‘I don’t believe this is migraine-related. I’m going to perform a laser treatment on you and if it is what I think it is, your pain will immediately be gone.’

He did the procedure and the pain was gone. I later found out that if the painful condition had continued for another six hours, I would be blind. Dr. Memmen did several surgeries on both eyes and saved my sight. I will be forever grateful for his concern, skills, compassion and dedication to his patients.”

– Mary Ann Anderson (Glaucoma surgery patient in Green Bay, WI)


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